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Thread: Fishing the Horseshoe

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    Hey Russ, I'm at petecz at Is it software? I looked on the Nat Geo site and it looks like it is. I can generate an OK topo from their website, but it didn't look like it was as clear as what you had...

    Anyone else have a good topo site that they use on the internet?

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    The pics I posted came from
    Please bear in mind that I have no idea what I am talking about.

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    Default Thanks!

    Man, you guys are really awesome. That information is EXACTLY what I needed. I will make sure to post the photos and log of how it all went.

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    Default Day

    AJH - It will be Saturday, and trust me, I have no notion that I will have it to myself. I suspect there will be plenty of other anglers hitting the water in the park this weekend.

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