Byron's fishing report today got me thinking about all the stories I have heard about legendary Green Drake hatches. I've yet to experience one myself. When I first started fly-fishing I fished the Davidson in N.C. quite a bit. I was always told of really good Green Drake hatches in late May. I have fished that river quite a bit in late May, and have seen one single Green Drake hatch. I don't mean a hatch of bugs, I mean one bug hatch. It got about 15 feet above the water and a bird quickly snatched it out of the air just like Byron described in the report today. People always told me how big the bugs were, but it didn't register until I actually saw one. It was huge, and I can imagine what a big hatch of those things would due to the fish. Hopefully someday I'll be fortunate enough to be out at just the right time and witness one of these hatches.