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    Default Apology to Byron,

    Apology to Byron,

    I have not been able to get out on the streams in the Smokeyís for a long time and that is bad. To make it worse I have been reading the Byronís fishing reports and getting pumped up.

    Well Wednesday after work I jumped in my truck and drove up the middle prong with high expectations. It having been some months since getting my gear out it ran into a few issues. One of witch was a tree kin to Charlie Browns kite eater that consumed leader tippet and all. And well the evening was not so good but it was nice being out on the stream. But action was lacking and sadly I doubted Byronís report of ravenous bows.

    But LRO has never let me down so Thursday I tried again this time with a little less haste and a better attitude. I drove up Tremont road to the parking area at the end crossed the foot bridge and settled into fishing the stream. After a couple of flies that produced little interest from the fish I began seen a few bugs come off and the fish began to feed.

    My entomology is lacking so I could not tell you what was hatching but they bore I close resemblance to the #14 Quill Gordonís I tied this winter so I tied one on and spent the rest of the evening catching bows. Lots of bows, they were small and hungry. Had a couple that between 6 and 8 inches but most small. Lots of action I had the stream to myself beautiful white dogwoods to accent the fresh green trees.

    My apology to Byron for doubting is reports.

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    Default Nice, good to get out

    It is good to see you were able to get out for awhile, I have been in almost the same situation this year. Do you still have my email? Shoot me one sometime and maybe we can do some feeshin'.


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