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    Well, I've been crossing off streams that have been running through my mind all winter to fish this year. The next stream on the list happened to be Deep Creek. The wife and I took a couple days and rented a cabin just outside the park on the outskirts of Bryson City. We arrived on 4/23 and hiked up a ways and began fishing. There were numerous hatches going off but I didn't see many trout rising. I threw nymphs. After about two or three hours of fishing I had brought around 10-12 fish to hand. I kept some for fryin and even hit the slam in one 100 yard strech. We had a blast but decided to head back to the cabin for some hot tub time and relaxation. The next day we hiked a little farther up around 2 miles before I started fishing. The fishing was better I brought around 15 fish to hand in roughly the same amount of fish time as the day before. The fish of the trip was in the mix with a 13 inch brown caught. He was a real fighter too. It was a beautiful day and we seen a deer and a hellbinder ( giant salamander ) off one of the bridges. This was a first for me and it was a biggie. After googling on the internet it said the largest one captured was 29 inches and I would have put this guy at three feet easy. Got a pic though. Anyway we had a blast. Bryson City is a cool town and another fun outing was had. Just thought I would share the trip and some pics with everyone.
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