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Thread: Jakes Creek and the Little

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    Fished Jakes Creek and the Little both above Elkmont and below it. Jakes Creek must have reallly been hit hard last summer in the drought. We caught nothing but 3 and 4 inch fish all the way through town up past the bridge that crosses it. Although an interesting side note about Jakes, This is the first year that I have ever caught Brown's out of it, and there are alot of them in there... small for now.. Did well on the little as well, mostly on nypmhs, but we managed to dredge up some really quality fish.

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    I think the average fish that I catch on Jake's is probably around 5 - 6", though I have not fished it this year. It's a nice little stream to use my short rods on.
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    The lower part of Jakes can fish nicely during periods of high water....agree about using short rods on son did his first solo fishing on that creek while we were camping in Elkmont....he has pulled several nice browns out of that "crick"....tight cover but some nice pocket water for the effort....I have also pulled several nice fish from the run where it enters the LR in the campground.

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