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    Talking Evening fishing report

    Evening fishing report,
    Got out and hit the middle prong Wednesday evening and it was great. Checked the water temp and my thermometer indicated just above 50 higher than I expected. I started fishing just above the glory hole the water was on the high side and had a little color but clear. The third cast after getting on the water produced a 5 inch brown nice way to start. As the evening wore on more bugs started coming off the water and I caught more fish. I hooked up a very nice 8 bow that I carefully measured. I assumed that would be the big fish for the day and was very pleased. After a couple smaller fish I was amazed to catch an 11 inch rain bow it was fat, beautiful and unexpected (and I measured it.). After the heat and low water of last summer my expectations of this spring was low. My expectations have been surpassed.

    I caught a couple of the insects coming off so I can hopefully get some info on what they are. Stimulator worked but my good ole quill Gordon was the ticket.

    If you are not getting out on the streams you are missing out. I got off work at 5 pm and was fishing by 6 and got in about 2 solid hours of fishing and it was great. About a dozen fish 2 browns the rest bows. I had the stream to myself I wish I had some one the share the evening with.

    Have great day and go fishing!

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    Nice report, thanks for sharing!

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    15 days!!!! Save some for me!!

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