Last evening I fished along the lower section of the Little River Trail, above Elkmont. At about 7:30p there were two types of bugs hatching in a flurry of bugs and the fish went into a frenzy. I one pool I counted 15 different fish leaping out of the water in rapid successions. They weren't sipping...they were jumping. First off I was amazed at how many fish were in the pool, but also I couldn't believe how they were acting with reckless abandon.

I have seen little dinks act this way from time to time, but it was usually limited to one or two small fish. This time was much different. There were a few small ones, but many of the fish were pushing 6" or more. What would trigger that behavior and what the heck could I use to catch them? I tried a couple different flies for a few minutes but then just stood there and watched, amazed.

Also, I have never been too deep into entomology, but based on last night's experience, I can see that there are times when matching the hatch it not only helpful, but imperative. You can't always just sling a PA or Stimi and catch fish...

The first type of bug is what I believe was a Yellow Sally. It was yellow, had a forked tail and what looked like two sets of wings while it was flying. All the pictures I see of them are in Nymph form or are resting, so I'm not sure, but I'm reasonably confident on that one.

The other was more of a mystery. It was a mayfly with a mostly translucent body with an orange thorax between size 14 and 16. What was that one?

And regarding the leaping fish. I couldn't tell if they were catching bugs as they were taking off or out of the air (it didn't look like it). In a situation like that what would you try to throw to them?