I gave a Road Prong update a few days ago but here is a good story. I have fished from the confluence of Walker Camp Prong all the way up to where the stream is a trickle (and apparently holds no more fish). In three trips in the past week or so I have C&R 71 brook trout mostly on a #16 Adams. There are three major falls. Trickle Falls, a large one with no name, and Talking Falls. At Talking Falls I could get no action with a floating fly so I decided to try a crayfish. I tied it on, put on a split-shot and cast the lure into the deep, blue water. Immediately it sunk to the bottom. I twitched it ever so often and suddenly got stuck. I pulled, relaxed, plunked with no favorable results. I decided to wade in and retrieve the crayfish but to no avail. Just too deep. So I reluntantly broke the line. However as I was tying on another fly I saw my crayfish floating toward the surface. It must have "got itself loose." I wanted to grab it before it floated away so I placed my rod on a boulder and without warning a trout attacked the crayfish and I could see it in the brookie's mouth as it dove to the depths. I know that fish is still wondering how a crayfish could pinch his mouth so hard that it could not be swallowed . Anyway, if you are fishing Road Prong and catch a brook trout with a crayfish hanging outside its mouth...the crayfish is mine!

On the way out I found the trail where the tiny headwaters stream flows nearby thinking what a beautiful stream this is. When I looked down the trail there was another flyfisher with rod in hand. I stopped her and we chatted about usual trout stalking matters. Here is a cool detail...her name was Lea and she was from Ohio. I asked her how she found this particular stream all the way from Ohio and she told me she comes down here often and reads alot. Guess whose shirt she had on? "Little River Outfitters" of course!

Seeing that Troutfest is only two weeks away and I have done so well with the Brookies this year, how about joining me and dropping a dollar per brook trout caught this year to the effort!

See you in Townsend!

~~~~ Jeff Wadley