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    is acid rain of any consequence relative to streams like abrams,calcium content,and the deliverence of nutrients---how vital is the ph of the water

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    The PH at Abrams Creek is very high due to the limestone bed. I think I remember testing it at 7.8 but don't hold me to it. That was a long time ago. Acid deposition is not a problem on Abrams Creek below the falls trailhead.


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    Byron is right on with that. The part of Abrams that seeps through the limestone area ensures that acid water is not a problem from that point downstream. In fact, you can assume that any time you know of a river disappearing underground for a stretch, it will be going through limestone, at least in TN, and from the point where it re-emerges, you won't have acid problems. I'm sure that there are exceptions, but I don't personally know of any.

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