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Thread: Clinch Repot May 4th, 2008

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    Sounds like things are looking up on the Clinch! Need to get over there, used to love to fish the Sulphur hatch. My first nice trout on a dry was on a Sulphur; 18" hen. She swam through my legs twice. That was Mother's Day 96, I got away with that one more year as our son was born Nov 97. There was only one other person on the river that day and neither of us had a camera! That was at the end of the hatch for the day, that always seemed to be the time the larger fish came out to feed. 12-15' of 6x, they get really spooky over there in the low flows.
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    The sulfurs were a bit sporadic around the jail. We stayed with dry patterns and picked up a few fish, brooks and bows. My friend took a 16-17" rainbow. Beautiful day, light breeze, no crowds, 75 degrees, and fishing drys on a 3wt. Almost heaven.

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