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    Default Little River report


    I arrived in Townsend on Thursday afternoon. I fished the East Prong about 4 hours Friday, another approx. 4 hours Saturday and then about 3 hours this morning.

    Friday: The wind was blowing pretty good, but nothing like Saturday. Things started slowly, but after a little while I saw some mayflies hatching that had some red on them about sz. 10-12, maybe red quills? I know very little about insects. Anyway, when I saw that I grabbed a SMBBSH out of my box that Hugh tied with red ribbing. I dropped it off of my stimulator and proceeded to catch 8 in about 2 1/2 hours. I probably had 15 strikes total. For the amount of time I fished it was one of my most successful experiences on the East Prong. Best fish was a 10 1/2" rainbow. Caught about half and half bows to browns, but all the bows were better size than the browns.

    Saturday: The wind in the morning was a little scary so I left after catching one 10" bow that I wasn't able to get a picture of. Went back in the evening and had several strikes on dries and the SMBBSH but missed every fish.

    Sunday: Fished the stimulator and SMBBSH rig again. Had probably 10 strikes and again missed every fish. I haven't fished much lately and felt like my timing was terrible. I also felt like it was good for me to get humbled by the fish of the East Prong just to make me realize I'm still not a very good fisherman.

    Big fish story: Friday I hit one of my holes where I have hooked big fish in the past, but I have yet to land one. I tied on a #6 Helgramite. At the end of my drift as it started to swing I got a hit that about pulled the rod out of my hand b/c I wasn't expecting it. I only had the fish on for a few seconds before the hooked popped out. I have caught browns in the park up to 15" and the felt totally different than any of those. I never got a glimpse of the fish so I don't have any confirmation that it truly was big. I simply think it was big based on the feel, the location and fly I was using. I'll definitely be hitting this spot again next time I'm there.

    I have some pictures that I'll post for you guys tomorrow. It was a great weekend despite the wind. If it wasn't for Hugh's SMBBSH I'm not sure I would have had any success at all. Also, I hit the WPLP to try to get the slam on Friday, but I was running out of time and only managed about 4 little bows before I had to leave. I really wanted to get my first slam, but time didn't allow.


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    great report. If you tell me the exact location of that hole, I'm sure I'll be able to tell you the size of that fish that got away. Ha ha.
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    Default Picture from my trip

    Here's a few pictures from my weekend:

    Little River brown 5-6" on the SMBBSH:

    Biggest fish of the trip. From the butt to the end of the cork is 10" on my rod. I stretched him out next to my rod after the picture and he was about 1/2" past the cork. Again he took the SMBBSH. I apologize for the poor picture.

    Another nice bow, about 7-8" taken with the SMBBSH. This one had a chunk of his tail missing from something that must have tried to get him.

    I didn't catch big numbers, but I never seem to do that on the East Prong. It was great to be out and fun to catch a few nice fish.


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    Seems like you are getting out quite a bit for a new father. Hope things are going well at home but glad to see you are able to get out and enjoy some time on the water. Seems like you had a good trip and i know the feeling, the smbsh has saved my butt many a times. When are we going to go fishing sometime? We can do a half day trip as long as i can afford the gas out there.


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