As the story goes,Harry Middlleton caught a large brown trout behind the Dairy Queen in the waters of the Little Pigeon?? that passes through downtown Gatlinburg.Talked to Bill who lives in Maryville and works for Cardinal the people I buy from...he says the downtown Gatinburg waters are some of the best fishing in or out of the park.I would give it a try but (here's where neurotic confession begins)I don't like people watching me flyfish---I don't know why--it's not like having another fisherman downstream from you
glancing your way now and then--maybe its because I would feel isolated in the water,standing out,as though wanting to be seen because I cannot smell that circus smell of fudge,barbecue,ribs,steak,exhaust fumes and the maple of the maple syrup drowning a pancake or two that is about a block away and all those folks eyeing you ARE there,which makes them not only curiouss about you casting a fly,but sincerely at peace with themselves because they are full as ticks wondering why in the heck you would want to fish the waters of hotel-motel land.So was Bill right about the fishing?