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    Default High water blues

    Thanks guys after seeing the excellant fishing gauge I was frustrated with the high water also. I did learn I will need to use my bigger rod during high water. The 2wt. has a hared time with strong water.

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    Another thing to consider when fishing during higher water levels is that if a river forks, fish the smaller of the two forks. It helped me to catch my largest fish of the day and provided more fishable water. I agree with Tireguy on the longer rod on high water. I had a 7'9" 3 weight with me, but decided to use my 8' 4 weight St. Croix Avid and my 8 1/2 ' 4 weight would have been even better. I am kinda getting away from using shorter rods in the Park. I got into short rods 5-6 yrs ago, and still have a 6 1/2' foot 4 weight Avid that I really like fishing on really tight streams, but on most of the waters I fish the longer rods really help with mending whether I am using nymphs or dries.


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