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Thread: Going Solo to Abram's Creek and Tremont

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    Default Going to Abram's Creek and Tremont

    Well, as one of the party of three that had originally scheduled to leave today for Hazel Creek, guess I'll go fishing solo.
    I had days off scheduled and any day off in the park is better than a day at WORK.
    Going to car camp at Cades Cove campground and fish around these two areas the next couple days.
    If anyone is in the area, you’re welcome to stop by for coffee, fishing or just to say Hello. I'll be tent camping next to an ole gold Volvo 240
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    Don't know if you've left yet but I would consider going Middle Prong (Tremont) rather than Abrams Creek if you're going solo. Abrams Creek can be rather treacherous with slippery rocks and you can get pretty far away from the trail in a hurry. If you're from Maryville, you may know this alreay - just a caution. And you can fish Middle Prong/Lynn Camp Prong in sight of the trail for miles. Had great days solo on LCP and always felt safe.
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