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    Just got back from fishing lynn camp prong today. Fishing was pretty good. It was not as good as it was when i fished there several times last week but it was still a fairly productive day. Got there a little before lunch time and dry flies seemed to be the ticket all day starting at about noon. I started out using nymphs, a #14 bead head pheasants tail and took one small one. The nymph action never got any hotter than that so i switched to dry flies. I put on a Doculator which i find to be an excellent yellow sally imitation and it floats extremely well. This really got the trout going. Later on in the day i got into a few sporadic hatches of some light cream colored mayflys that the trout were busting pretty hard. I then switched to a #12-14 Light Cahill and caught several. By the end of the day i had caught a handful of them most in the 6-8 inch range with a few dinks thrown in here and there. I had the pleasure of meeting Ben aka. Milligan Trout Degree today. He should post up later about how his day went too. All in all it was a great day to be on the stream with nice weather. Saw a monster rainbow rise to the top of a deep pool that seemed to dwarf the 12 inch bow i caught last week. I know it couldnt have been that much bigger but it seemed huge when i saw it. Ben (Milligan Trout Degree) went back to that pool and put a nymph down deep hoping to draw a strike from it, but no luck . Would have loved to have seen him hook into it. Hey Ben, maybe that size 4 Hares Ear nymph would have done it!

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