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    I don't fish the middle prong an awful lot but late today I headed into the park and found the Little River Road toward G'burg closed. I reluctantly headed up past Tremont and slipped into a stretch in which I have had moderate success. I fished it from 6 until about 8. Much to my surprise I had some of my best dry fly fishing of the year. I landed 8 rainbows ranging from about 5 to about 10 inches and gave a LDR to at least that many. There were so many different flies in the air I quit trying to identify them all. Every pool had a couple of active fish. They all came to a size 14 biot bodied parachute that no self respecting wild trout should have been interested in. I had an absolute ball. I love the month of May.

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    I know what you mean about the Middle Prong; even though I caught my first Smokies trout there, I've had mixed success there - a few times very well, and a few skunks. It's really a pretty good stream, but it does get a lot of pressure, and there are a lot of pedestrians bankside as well. I tend to gravitate toward the smaller streams, and Tremont is bigger water, so I have to make adjustments.

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    There was alot of dry fly action today, starting fairly early in the day too. I fished lynn camp prong though but i can imagine it was good down low as well. I got into a few hatches where the fish were feeding so aggressively they would completely miss my fly, they were in a complete frenzy at times. It was fun to watch them feed that hard on mayflies.

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