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Thread: Caney 5.11.08

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    Thumbs up Caney 5.11.08

    Finally had a chance to float the Caney and it turned into my personal best day ever on any water anywhere!

    Billyspey picked me up in West Knoxville Monday morning and we timed our arrival at the dam to coincide with the water falling out. Met up with a great shuttle guy who actually set up the boat for us while we geared up. What a gentleman! It saved us enough time, in fact, that to kill time, Bill pulled out his streamer set up and started throwing a streamer off the end of the ramp. He had 5 to hand before we even launched the boat. The swallows were skimming the surface and fish started rising all around us so we shoved off and headed a ways up toward the dam before heading downstream with the water.

    This was about 11 am central time...

    We didn't get out at Happy Hollow until 7:30 pm - Central.

    It probably would've been a much shorter trip but we just couldn't stop fishing!! We got into fish at the dam and it didn't let up until a little ways up from Happy Hollow. You name it we either saw it or caught it! At one spot near the bluffs, Bill waded right into a school of Brookies that wouldn't leave him alone. Every cast he had one on. While working my way downstream toward his Brookie school, I spotted a school of my own... but these were real pigs holding tight against a ledge. So I cast up above 'em and let the current swing my line right down along the ledge. Next thing I knew, one of those pigs took my humble offering and headed downstream trying to take me under the ledge with him.

    Now, up to this point, just about all our fish were real jumpers... sometimes clearing the water five or six times on the way in. This particular pig had no interest in an aerial display. Probably because this particular pig was a pig of a different color -- or should I say stripe!


    Needless to say, that guy was quite a surprise! We knew they were in there, we just weren't expecting them to hit a size 18 midge!!

    This is fairly typical of the fish we were into all day. I'd say they all pretty much fell in between 12" and 16" and most were fat and sassy.

    Below the bluffs we tied into a few monster browns. We were so busy catching fish we didn't take the time to take many pics. Here's a shot of one of my browns right as he was making his escape back in to his hidey hole -- either that or he just didn't want his face plastered all over cyberspace!

    All in all, not a bad day of catching! Gotta love the Caney!!

    Right Byron??

    Gerry Romer

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    Sounds like a day that will be very hard to top. Thanks for sharing your trip and pictures with us.

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    I can't believe that bass ate a #18 midge pattern. That's awesome. I bet you won't ever see Kevin Vandam throwing midges to largemouth in the classic.
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    Gerry, glad you had a great day! That river is in excellent shape and the fishing should continue to be great this summer. I've caught some nice bass out of there and have caught them on tiny midges as just never know...
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