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Thread: Unexpected surprise on Jakes Creek

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    Default Unexpected surprise on Jakes Creek

    I had originally thought of going solo to Abrams and Tremont but was advised by someone in the know, I’d have more choices for good water around Elkmont since I wanted to camp (Elkmont) and fish. I stopped by LRO for the usual quick grab of supplies. Dubbing was on the front porch to greet me and invite me in.

    The fishing started off at Jakes Creek and I had brought along a light weight spinning rod to try out the trout magnets. While working my way upstream I had an unexpected surprise! I ran into Ray Ball. Since I’m new at this, I didn’t recognize him at first. I could tell right away though he was a seasoned veteran of these waters. Being a true gentleman he let me hang with him for a while and observe his master skills of these waters. He rigged me a up a black fly and split shot on my outfit for this type of water. He wanted to try his setup out and wouldn’t you know his first toss, he landed one! He even offered me a few cast of his 2wt setup and it was a smooth.
    Thank you Mr. Ball. It was a highlight of my trip to meet you, something I will not forget!

    Caught 2 bows that afternoon on jakes creek, small ones but was enjoyable.
    Fly fished the evening on Little River, didn’t catch any, still learning and I didn’t travel far. I enjoyed the solitude by the river.
    Next day broke camp and headed to WP of Little Pigeon behind park headquarters. Missed 2 and brought 4 to hand and had a great day.

    This was my first complete trip solo and it was definitely a confidence builder. Thanks for letting me ramble & here couple photos for you. Thanks again my friend (u know who u are) for introducing me to LRO & Fly Fishing!

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    Nice report!

    It's always a treat to run into Ray ... last time I saw him he was slaying the bows at Elkmont on a harvey's stonefly. What a guy.

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    And I rented a cabin on the lake for Memorial Day weekend, like an idiot. This tears it. My next weekend out is at Elkmont camping!

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