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Thread: Fly fishing in Dillsboro

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    My wife and I will be spending some time in Dillsboro N.C. next week. The place we are staying at is right on the Tuck. I think the place is called the Dillsboro Inn. Anyway there is a waterfall or dam spillway right out our back door. Could any of you give me any tips on fishing that particular area or spot if you are familiar with it?


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    I just got back last week from there. You are at the bottom end of the DH section. Follow the road upstream from there, you will be on river right. you will see the slack water turn into moving water. From there, you will see lots of riffles and runs. There is one more section of slack water right before the community of Webster. Above that there is more good fishing water.Once you get to Hwy. 107, that is the end of the DH section. There are lots of pullouts on the road, watch out for the private property signs. Watch out for people speeding on this road, this is the worst thing about this river. Soft hackles and pheasant tails worked for me. Caddis hatched late morning when I was there but the fish never really got up on them. The fish will lay right next to the banks in a lot of places so look hard and don't think you have to go way out in the river.The generation number, by the way, is 866-332-5253. If both forks are generating, you won't be able to wade when the water gets there. One or the other fork running and you should be able to wade. If I remember, the water, (both forks running) takes about 4-5 hours to get to Webster. Good luck.


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