Went to the caney Fork last weekend with MTFF. Tva Ran one generator everyday from 6:00am to 8:00 pm. So wading was out of the question, caught a few on a clouser minnow even caught a few white bass standing on the boat ramp next to the dam. Friday night one of the member said he was going to take his personal pontoon boat out to the dam to try and catch a few Skip Jacks. He lined me out on what to do and since we couldn't get the new fly fishermen out on the water and i had volunteered to be a river helper I had plenty of time to kill. So i rounded up all by courage and rowed my boat up next the dam. one my third cast a freight train ran into the clouser minnow. I think some people call skip jacks the Tennessee's Tarpon. I only caught a few before i had to go back and get ready for dinner. Got up Sunday and decided to give it another try. I grabbed my spinning rod for the second time in two weeks, (forgive me all you flyfishing purest), and tied on a floating repala. Two pound test made for a real challenge.
Caught Skip Jacks until i was wore out. Grabbed the fly rod tied on a wollybugger just for a change of pace. Caught 10-14" Rainbows for the next hour. What an end to what I thought was going to be a slow fishing weekend.
Some people may consider skip jack a trash fish, but not me. What a blast!!!