Took the day off work and decided to head to the river and see what I could get into earlier in the day. All of my other trips this year have been in the late afternoon and early evening, so I chose to go around 10:00. I have been seeing thick sulphur hatches and trout rising everywhere, but Friday there was none of that. My go to fly that has worked well these past few weeks, a flashback pheasant tail, was not working as well for me. Just as I was starting to get frustrated I noticed a large pod of carp swimming in the pools where I had caught trout on previous trips. So, I changed tactics and moved to some runs with more flow and found some bows on bottom there. After I switched techniques and found the correct fly, I only got to fish for another 30 minutes or so before my wife was ready to leave. When the pregnant lady said she was ready, I wasn't going to ask for more time. Best fish of the day was a healthy 16" bow that put up a good fight. I was using 7x tippet and he almost took me into the backing twice. As I was walking out the sulphurs were starting to come off. Oh well, maybe next time.