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    Just finished 3 days of fishing the streams in the SMNP. I will have to say that the fishing was excellent! During the 3 days that I fished I had the most luck of anytime I have been there, caught at least 60, anywhere from
    3 inches to 12 inches, had a wonderful time, most were caught on stimulator with a BHPT #16 nymph as a dropper, most hit the dropper. Caught a few on a para-adams, I even missed a couple of fish that may have gone more than 12 inches. Did most of my fishing the first day up Laurel Creek mostly small but fun to catch, the second day fished behind and up above Sugarlands, did very well, the last day went to Elkmont fished between turn off and the big pool, caught several 6 to 8 inch browns and missed a couple of nice fish. Stopped by LRO and bought a few things, the people there are really nice and friendly.
    I saw a large black stonefly? with a white band across its wings, and I was just wondering if it was really a stonefly or something else, can you guys give any help? Also I did not see one other flyfisher any of those 3 days where I fished until I quit, then I saw 3. Wonderful time spent in the mountains.

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    Laurel creek is one of those that is on my list of streams to hit - it's just going to take some guts to pass up all the other great options to do it. Glad to hear you had some luck there - reinforces that I need to bite the bullet and give it a whack.

    Edit: Oops, made the same mistake again - I was thinking Laurel Branch and you were talking Laurel Creek. My bad.
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