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Thread: those little fish

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    i started fly fishing about 10yrs ago my reason was simple i was getting bored catching fish on my spinning rod.... growing up in erie pa with lake erie and the bay many differant species of all sizes... so i took the challenge taught myself to cast and took a fly tying class..... the thrill of catching my first trout on a fly i made was great.... i'm no excpert and still have much to learn, but fishing the park last year was a great girlfriend will walk all day with me she loves being out there.... just need to get her to try casting the rod lol... i am about to move back to crossville tn after being gone this past winter and the first week im back we will be taking a trip to fishing is escape from reality time and one of the most relaxing ways to spend a day.... when i get back if anyone ever needs a partner for the day give me a shout always ready to wet the line

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    Default streams of the park

    Tailwaters are great fishing.There are large browns in these waters.and decent rainbows.For the most part,they are stocked fish,not wild,and they are pretty dumn,,,will bite on about anything presented to them in state structured waters--I don't think much about tailwaters and easy fishing when I drift off to sleep--I usually think about the streams of the Smokey's and those little fish.....

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    Wow, I thought true fly fisherman fish for the love of the sport. Are you sure they were'nt bass fisherman?? We will be fishing there next week and from what I have read, it's not that easy to catch them, so I will be jumping up and down if I catch 1 of any size.....ok, maybe not jumping up and down because I read that you have to be stealthy!

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    For me, one of the best things about being in the mountains, (regardless of whether "mountains" means the Tennessee Smokeys, the high Sierra's of eastern California, or the Rocky Mountain Front of northern Montana) is that most people either don't want to be there, can't be there, or don't want to put in the time and effort to stand on the spot I am standing. I'd rather catch a 6 inch wild trout, standing knee deep in a swift current three miles above Elkmont, by my own sweat, knowledge and skill, than reel in a dull, lathargic "big-boy" from under the streets of Gatlinburg who thought my tan elk hair caddis was a glob of Purina fish chow.
    As for folks who don't feel the same way, that's fine. If the moutains themselves aren't convincing enough, who am I to convince them? Besides, it leaves a little more casting room in the places I'd rather be.
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