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    My father and I would like to fish the South Holston or Clinch sometime soon. Neither of us has fished either river. We were thinking of renting a canoe and floating either river. My question is this; is it possible for 2 inexperienced canoeists to float and fish these rivers safely? I'm confident that we could ride a canoe down the river without drowning but i don't know if we could fish out of it without drowning. Is there any place that we could rent a 'toon to fish it?


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    I definitely recommend getting a guide.

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    I can tell you about the Clinch because we have floated it before.
    From Peach Orchard to the Hwy. 61 bridge is the stretch I would tell
    you to try. Now when ever we have done this, it has started out on
    low and through the day, maybe a generator came on, sometimes not.
    The water throughout this stretch is very tame, with no generation.
    One generator is not bad either. We always float from shoal to shoal,
    sometimes skipping long pieces of flat water. Some areas where there
    are deep pools, you may find some rising fish and you would want to
    fish from the canoe. I've been trying for the past two weeks to float
    but something has come up each time. Don't fool with it if two
    generators are due to run early in the day.Good luck if you go.

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    mstone, apprx how long of a float is that? a friend and I are thinking about trying it. anything else we should know?

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    That's a good question because it really depends on how fast you want to move. We have always held back, making the float last from usually
    about nine until about seven or eight o'clock. I can kill lots of time on some of the better runs. You will see that there are long stretches of what I call "uninteresting water". In the past, we have also had a trolling motor on the back of the canoe, so that gets us on to the next area without a whole lot of time paddling. Check the takes one generator about five hours to reach the 61 bridge. The second generator will take about four. There is very little current speed with no generation. Heres a good tip, when you approach the tail out of some of the deeper pools, be quiet and watch for the good size fish to run out away from you. They are tough to approach. Good luck!

    .........still waiting to go myself

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