I fished yesterday for 2 hours and wished I had, had more time. I started just above the falls only because a man that was leaving told me the fishing was horrible down low. "Really been hammered down here" he said. Of course now I HAD to see for myself. The first pool I stopped at produces 5 misses with one being a very nice fish (for Lynn Camp atleast). I only used one fly and that was a NeverSink caddis. Those little fish just love that bug. I ended the day with 9 but had 11 either LDRed or dropped from my hand before I remembered I had a net. The number of rises I had was incrediable. Every hole seemed to have atleast 1 interested customer. They just seemed to slap at it or were to small to take it. 1 thing I noticed is that all the big long slow pools that I used to pick up atleast 1 or 2 fish were no goes. They are easy targets for the spin fishermen. The small pockets no bigger than a 5 gallon bucket held the majority of the willing feeders. The fishing is still excellent and there are many fish left to catch. Don't be discouraged in the thinking that "they've really been hammered" their isn't even a dent in the population yet. After the 12th this section will be closed for a number of years. Also I talked to Matt (the biologist I think and nice enough fella to boot) and he had many interesting facts about the brookies going in. Something I did not know is that a brookie will not turn over to feed on there own young and take only a very small amount of lizards and crayfish therefore it is the reason we will be hard pressed to see a brookie bigger than any of the bows already in this section of river.