I bought a Heddon rod yesterday, and this will be my first experience with a bamboo rod. I have already received some great advice from Stan Smartt, but would like to hear more suggestions. Stan told me it was a 7wt rod. The info on it is "#20 - 9 - 2 1/2 F - HCH or D". Stan recommended an older reel, since the newer reels are so light.He recommended a Medalist. Is there any specific Medalist that I should go for? I saw some Heddon reels on Ebay, are they as good as the Pfluegers? What type of line should I go with? Also, what waxes do you all like for protecting your rods?

This is a three piece 9' rod, and yes it has two tips. Do you all use the same tip until it needs to be repaired, or do you alternate between the tips?

I look forward fishing this beauty. Stan has been after me for a couple of years to get into bamboo, and he helped me big time with this rod. He helped me pick out the last two rods I purchased. The first one was a graphite, but I was replacing my first fly rod that I had broken. Now he's got me into boo.

Please give this newbie some advice on what to do with my new rod. I definitely intend to fish with it.

Thanks in advance!