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Thread: two fly rigs

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    Default Hard body ants

    What about the hard body ants? Anyone use these? Obviously fished wet.

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    Oh yeah. Ants are just great no matter where you fish them in the water column. I have caught fish before on top with foam ants/beetles, then taken the same foam fly and added enough split shot to sink it and caught fish out of the same spot on the bottom. It takes a lot of shot to really sink a foam ant or beetle, but they simply catch fish anywhere from the surface to the bottom. Its fun to play around with them and try different things.


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    Went up for a really quick trip to Thunderhead Prong today, starting at the place where Defeat Ridge Manway crosses the river. Randy Story said last week that some local folks call that part of the stream (above Sam's Creek) Blow Down Branch because of a tornado that ripped through there years ago.

    Tried an ant behind a light cahill and caught two rainbows on that rig.

    Troutman, thanks again for the inspiration to give ants a try. Fun stuff.

    BTW, there have been a bunch of trees blown over since the last time I was up in that area - both over the trail and over the stream.
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