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Thread: Park trash 6/11/08

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    Default Park trash 6/11/08

    I decided to fish west prong today after work and within the first 150 yards I caught two small rainbows but I ended up stopping b/c I had more trash than I could carry. It was sickening to see all of the chip bags, coke cans, plastic bags, and I even picked up a left undershirt. I wish there was some way to crack down on the people doing this. Maybe its just me but when I was growing up "not that long ago" my dad or mom would have given me the whoopin of my life had he caught me throwing trash out or leaving it in the outdoors. Its just a pure lack of respect for our park, the wildlife, and the other people that use it! It personally makes me both sick and mad!
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    I know what you mean.

    I take a Kroger bag with me when I go because I know I'll find trash. I found plenty on Cosby Creek today. My dad would have whooped me too, I just wish there was a way to control waste in the park, but until then I guess we'll just be picking it up. Why are people so careless

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    the trash issue is being addressed in the new junior ranger of the tasks to become a junior ranger is to pick up trash in the park....the program stresses the protection of the park...EPL...explore, protect, learn is the theme of the program. in the beta stage is a similar program for kids from 13-103...will stress the same plus stewardship and resposiblity for the park...
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    The shirt you found wasn't by any chance a Lynyrd Skynyrd tee shirt with the sleeves cut off was it? If it was I want it back I don't understand why people litter, especially in a place as pretty as a mountain stream . I always carry a couple of large trash bags in my vest. They never stay in there long
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    Beer cans!
    That has become one of things that PO's me the most.
    It seems like they are every where.
    I supose people fill that they are special or sumthing. I like to have a few myself but please what is so hard about properly desposing of your F*&^% beer cans and bottles.

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    I lost my undershirt somewhere in the park but that one can't be mine 'cause mine was a right undershirt. Lemme know if you find that one.


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