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    I noticed Byron mentioned CR in the fishing report. I live about an hour South of there, and I tell ya, this is the most devastating, catastrophic thing I have ever seen in my 61 years of living in SE Iowa.

    My little community of 10,000 people are high and dry (thank God), but my cabin on the Skunk River 5 miles away will be non-existent by days end. And more rain is on the way this afternoon.

    If you guys need any water just let me know...............just like Little River Outfitters, NO SHIPPING CHARGES!!!!!!!!

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    I'm sorry all of you and your neighbors are going through this. I have spent some time in Iowa including Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls and Waterloo. One common thread I found in people who live are nice people. You all sure don't deserve this.


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    Thanks Byron. Am in the process of planning a return trip your way hopefully in the near future. I was in Townsend a couple years ago and spoke with you at the fly shop. That was when Orvis had the Zero Gravity introduced, if you went out back and casted it you got a free cap.

    Anyway, haven't missed a reading of the "fly fishing report" one time for at least two years, your my "local" fly fishing shop, keep up the good work and expect some more orders shortly.


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