Saturday I fished Lynn Camp and done really well. I caught fish on a small Yellow Plamer (size 14) and a Pheasant Tail Nymph (size 12). The guy who was checking my fish said they were disappionted that more people would have taken advantage of the fish out. I also asked, If we were hurting the fish population on this creek. He told me "No, and the creek held alot of fish."
The fish in this creek are quick and hard to caught. I usally fish Little River with big flies (size 4 to 6). So, at the start of the day I had a hard time with my hook set. After a little while I finally got in the groove and started catching fish. I caught a few fish in the 9 to 10 3/4 inch range. The rest of the fish were between 4 to 8 inch range.
Other than falling and breaking my TFO rod I had a good day fishing. I only seen one other person fishing. I guess the weather and the chance of rain kept some people at home.
My God Bless you and have a great day fishing...