I got this camera about 2 weeks ago, bought it online through Walmart. So far I've taken about 100 pictures I guess and I love it. I'm a Canon fan, especially with the SLR cameras, but they don't have a waterproof unless you get the WP cases to put the camera in. In any event this little fellow will take pictures down to 10 foot under and is shockproof having been through test drops in the factory. It uses an XD card but comes with a micro SD adapter to fit in the camera, I used it as it was more conveniant for me. I have only charged the battery one time and it still shows full. I noticed in the auto mode it likes to fire the fill flash during daylight hours if you've got your subject (read "fish") closer than about 2 feet. I thought this might "wash out" the image soem but it doesn't. They seem to have compensated this very well and you end up with a great result. I like the crispness of the photos, I may end up playing with color some though as it's a little soft for my taste.
Overall a good camera, they just came out and the MSRP is 299 on this 8 MP model. I got it through Walmart online for 259 and 1 dollar shipping to the store.--Bran