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Thread: Fishing Report...or Dragnet? 17June08

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    Default Fishing Report...or Dragnet? 17June08

    Exciting stuff...I expect LRO to be featured on an episode of COPS in the near future.

    Seriously...I can't imagine someone having the audacity to steal a fairly hard-to-conceal item like a flyrod in broad daylight - and going for such a high-ticket item, you have to figure he was looking to fence it somewhere, probably to feed some sort of drug habit. Y'all handled it very cooly - I don't know if I could do that - I have too much of a temper, I would probably confront the guy, and he would probably pull out a piece and put some holes in me.

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    Angry shop lifters

    I agree.....everytime I've been in LRO I've had 5 people going out of their way to make sure that I was 100 % satisfied as a customer... It angers me when I read stuff like this jerk taking advantage good people doing business the right way.

    I have family who own retail establishments and have heard these stories before. I might just go through the roof if I ever caught anyone. rrainshaker at comcast dot netrainshaker at comcast dot net

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    I tend to lose all fear when these things happen. I had a guy almost run over me last year with his car. He ended up in jail with felony charges. He begged me to let him go when the cuffs were on him. I told the police to take him to jail and they did. He got two years probation due to a plea bargain.

    If you call the police and get them involved they are putting their life on the line or at least putting themselves in harms way. Often the charging citizen will not prosecute. It takes time and there are risks. I feel I have a moral obligation to prosecute. After an officer apprehends a criminal I'm always going to be asked if I will press charges. My answer will always be yes. I owe it to the officers involved, to society as a whole and maybe that culprit will straighten out and fly right someday.


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    What a loser! I hope he pulls up a snake or a snapping turtle with that rod!! Our business was broken into a couple of weeks back. They messed things up but we never could find anything that they took. Why anyone would pick a printing business to break into...I don't know! People never cease to amaze me!

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    People will steal anything at any time for any reason.

    I have no tolerance for thieves or liars. They are cut from the same bolt of cloth.

    Byron, too bad you didn't catch him.

    One word - cameras.


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    I hate to think this poor fella might wind up with a twisted ankle after stepping on a slick orange creek rock. Karma is is what it is.

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    aaarrrggghhhhhhhhhhh, you know how i feel about that, i'll be calling today for a description. I know one guy that was lucky Allen wouldn't let me leave one day, already had the hammer in hand kind of hard to cast with a crushed hand


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