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Thread: South Holston, Watauga and Holston

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    Default South Holston, Watauga and Holston

    I'm taking a few days off week after next in the Ti-cities area. Haven't heard anything about the fishing on the S. Holston or Watauga lately. Anybody got any recent fishing reports? I may fish the Holston on the way up from Chattanooga. It would be only my second time on the Holston. If generation is cooperating I would wade fish at Nance's Ferry unless someone has a better idea. I've never fished there. Is the dam better? Sounds like access is fairly limited. Your ideas are appreciated.

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    Default Nance's Ferry Water Temps

    Hey Monk,
    I know historically it gets too warm for trout down around Nance's Ferry as the summer approaches. If Cherokee has been generating quite a bit this year you may be safe, but the water temps would be my primary concern.


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    Default soho

    I know from my recent outings the soho has not been very good, compounded with a sucky generating schedule ive only got to go out once or twice a week. And the sulfer hatch has not been great this year either. Of course this is just my observation.

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    Wyn and Travis, Thanks for the feedback. How is fishing nearer Cherokee dam?

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    Holston schedules have bene terrible for the last week or so, and wading opportunities would be limited. Last weekend the water temp was 66 degrees 7 miles up from Nances so the fish should still be fine. The Holston is more affected by TVA running too much water and depleting the cold water layer then it is being off and warming up during the summer. The best years are when TVA really holds back and barely generates at all.

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    Default Hmmmm

    Sounds like the boat needs a float down the SOHO?! This thread would have normally had me upset...Now I'm kinda excited about it! As far as the Holston is concerned it looks like Hugh Hartsell is still pounding them with his clients! The Watauga should be good, but I haven't been in quite some time! So I can't help you with what's hatching right now, I'm gonna be broad and say one of several may flies! Sorry I know that doesn't help but I'm still learning that river....More specifically PMD's, Sulphurs, and maybe some March Browns?


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    Default South Holston June 20

    I fished the South Holston on Friday with guys from HFF. We floated in the afternoon, amazing. Not the greatest day for numbers of fish, but one of the most fun days I've had in years. Tons of sulphurs coming off and rising fish everywhere. At one point there were 5 risers within reach of the boat. Tough fishing, but browns on dry flies, even on high water. Had to get a long drag-free float, but if you did, the fish would do their part. Hard to keep 'em on the hook in the current. I hooked but didn't land a big brown, maybe 18+.

    We waded in the morning before the float, best fish landed were 20" and 18".

    Left me wondering if this river is possibly better than the White. I do know I enjoyed this a lot more than dragging nymphs 10' deep. And all the browns are wild fish.

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    Default SoHo

    my friends and I will be heading out on the SoHo this weekend. It will be our first time.

    Any pointers or good access points we need to hit?

    What flies are producing?

    Also, are there any good campgrounds near to the river?

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