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Thread: Late May 08 West Virginia fishing trip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byron Begley View Post
    Three generations camping and fishing on a beautiful river and catching those trout is more than my jealous mind can handle. You and your brother are a lucky young men. Your Dad and Grandfather are fortunate. You will never forget this event. Fifty years from now you will cherish these memories. My advice is to go fishing with these guys as often as you can. Keep up the tradition. And, keep sending the photos. You have made my day.


    My brother was the only person that wasn't a Donald Carson Nichols, I am the third, so I go by Trey. I'll make you a promise- Next time I go up there, I will be using a fly rod with flies I will purchase soon from you (short on cash at the moment) and hold up a LRO sign with every fish I catch on one. Deal? I'll gladly support a local business. Thanks for everything y'all do.

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    Nice report and pics. Enjoy your time fishing with your family, as life has a way of limiting it as you get older.

    The area between the gates is, in my opinion, the best section of the river to fish. There is roughly 17 miles, with camping shelters every two miles. There is a C&R section about midway between the gates. It starts at the junction of the North and South Forks and runs to the low-water bridge at the mouth of Dogway Fork. Dogway Fork, and all of its tributaries, fall under fly-fishing only C&R regulations. If anyone needs help planning a trip, let me know.

    Here are some pics from the watershed.

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    Default Cranberry River

    Those are some great pics. The Cranberry looks like a beautiful river, I've heard that it fishes very well, looks like you proved it! I too think that golden trout is a cross between a brown and a brook--- tiger trout. I have never caught one, it is beautiful. Good luck with the fly rod, it is worth the effort (which may be considerable!). Don't forget your spinning rod tactics though, they will help you shorten the curve. You'll just need to learn the tackle. I grew up fishing farm ponds, mostly with spinning and baitcasting tackle, fishing moving water was completely new to me when I moved here, as were trout.......... I didn't even know they faced upstream! The first two years I trout fished with a flyrod I rarely caught a fish, when I would, it would almost be insulting because I would be lifting the fly to recast or some other such nonsense!
    Fish with you father and grandfather as often as you can, time flies!... seriously. Mine has been gone 30 years this august, never knew either grandfather. That is a gift to cherish.

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    Default Cranberry..

    I posted several times in the past trying to get some info.. I'm from Ohio and wife had some old aunts and uncles from around Buckcannon(sp). Anyways, we stay closed to Richwood a couple of times and parked at Cranberry Glades(?) and rode my bike about 3 miles or so on a gravel bike path to fish. Not sure where I was but had a great time. Any suggestions or words of wisdom on fishing the Cranberry would be most welcome.

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