well, i finally hiked to the falls. well worth it. at the first place i stopped to fish on the trail, on my first cast, BAM! a nice 10-11 inch rainbow nailed my gold foam stone fly, size 8. i should've quit fishing then. no more strikes on abrams. saw a skink and a nice millipede, though.
afterwards, i fished between tremont and metcalf, had 1 really nice one about 3/4 of the way home and it got off. nothing else fish-wise.
based on trips i've taken into the smokies, landing 2-3, 12-inch plus trout would make a phenomenal day. i'm still waiting for that day. i've had several days catching multiple 6-9 inchers, but nothing extravagant, yet. the best fish i've caught were hooked on single-hook rapalas; one, a 24 inch brown last winter and 16 inch brown 3 or 4 years ago.
fishing Montana ages ago has spoiled me i believe. these fish are...(not a nice word here). and yet i still love going after them.