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    Spent a week up at Elkmont the first of this month and between trailer troubles and teaching a couple of girls to fish got to do very little myself. I had finally picked up a combo to try a little light salt water fishing during the summer months but had not gotten a chance to use it. While on business last week I visited my Dad whose retirement community has a couple of small lakes/ponds on the grounds. Althought the casting area was restricted I managed to pick up 10 large months late the first night on a yellow popper. The big surprise came the next morning when I tied on a salt water deceiver pattern and began working it like a streamer.....picked up four large mouths of about 2 lbs in less than 30 minutes.....they killed this fly....just wondering if anyone else has any salt water patterns that have done double duty....our only flyfishing store here just closed recently and Wally World doesn't go much beyond the standard bream bugs.

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    LRO will mail flies to you.

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