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Yesterday I fished with several of the patterns that everyone tied and I managed to catch fish on the Dragline's Crackleback and Gerry's Orange Jelly Midge. I didn't have much time so I only got try a few of the flies. I'll keep posting as I catch more fish...

Dragline, do you have a site that lists the Crackleback recipe that you use. I managed to catch about 6 fish in a pretty short amount of time (both wet style and as a dry).
The first fly I ever learned how to tie was the Crackleback. And guess who taught me how ... Dragline. I'll let Bill tell ya'll how he ties them if he wants to share. This is my favorite Clinch River fly, hands down. I fish it as a wet fly, stripping it slowly back. I've caught a few with it

By the way, the flies arrived Saturday. Great looking flies tied by all. Thanks everyone!!!