I was the 1st one to sign in opening mourning of the fish out. The fishing was GREAT!! I caught and kept 58 Rainbows 6'' to 11" I caught and released 30 rainbows 3"-5" I fished from 7:15-1"00. I went back the 1st Sunday was 3rd to sign in again the fishing was great I caught and kept 50 Rainbows 5" to 9" I caught and released 12 rainbows 3"-4" I fished from 8:00-1:00. I had a BLAST both trips. Thats 108 5"-11" Rainbows kept 42 3"-5" Rainbows released. That little creek is full of fish I only wish I could have went back 3 or 4 more times. I thank The LORD for every chance I get to go. Good Luck to All. Sincerly Caught 108