I would like to share the story with all Me and my father in law were in waterville fishing for rainbows I threw in a hole under a waterfall when the fly went under the waterfall and out of sight my line stopped I tried to ease it out would not move so I tried to jerk it out still didnt move I thaught I was hung started closer to try to get unhung when it went down the creek when I first saw it I thought it might have been a big carp then I saw that big hooked head and knew it was a big brown by this time my father in law knew something was going on and was watching as I was running down the creek as fast as I could I could see the knot in my green line on the reel he had all my line so I had to keep up ran 100ft dowm and back to the hole I hung him in seemed like a hour before I got him in my hands he is now on my wall a Big Male Brown Trout 23 1/2" long weighed Right at 8lbs Glad that 4lb test held up Good Luck to All Sincerly caught 108