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Thread: 4th of July grand slam

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    Talking 4th of July grand slam

    Thursday night I tie up several flies in preparation for a day of fishing on the forth.
    Headed up to the smoky mountains made a stop by LRO for some rubber leg material and was on the stream by 12. I had expected a lot people in the mountains but there was not as many expected. Mid day it was slow did get regular action above Elkmont. Do not know what was going on up there but I think they had every emergency vehicle available to the park service up there. Hope every thing turned out all right hate to see someone 4th weekend end badly. Tried out a little of very thing above Elkmont, copper John and yellow elk hair caddis did better than any thing else. I had tied the caddis with barb less hooks and as a result a lot of fish got off but that was cool. After a few hours of bows and a couple of browns I headed up to chimney tops. Action was great up there caught several bows, a super nice brook that was 8 long, of course I did not have my camera. Finally my knees and back had had enough of rock hopping and headed back down to the bridges at the chimney tops trailhead. On my way up I had seen a nice brown in a pool near the bridge. Well it was still there so with a crowed looking on from the bridge, I always get nervous with an audience, cast my barb less yellow elk hair and the brown nailed it nice fish easy 12 to 14 in the clear water it made a very nice fight. But did not take it long to get rid of the barb less hook. Oh well made for a nice show for the crowed got quite a reaction for them. I am not going to use barbless hooks for a while.

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    Sounds like you put on a show!

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