Had a double whammy kind of day today on the West Prong of the Little Pigeon.

First Whammy: got to take both my kids fishing today. First time this year for my son, Andy and first time ever for daughter Carrie. That was pretty special.

Ran into PeteCz and B-I-L Steve gearing up in a pull off, also headed for WPLP. Didn't see them again - hope they had a good day.

After a quick lesson on the water with Carrie (we did the cast-into-the-hoola-hoop thing in the back yard last night - and that's an honest to goodness '50's vintage hoola hoop), she took off fishing. Her casting got better and better as the day went on. Andy went ahead to give us a little room.

Second Whammy: I decided to bite the bullet and commit to the BHPTs that I bought this week at LRO and it paid off. I caught 5 nice bows on a Light Cahill/BHPT (#16) double rig with all 5 taking the nymph. I was so pleased, I stopped by LRO on the way home and stocked up with a dozen of the little buggers.

Here's a picture of son who insisted on staying with dries all day and ended up without a catch. Felt bad but both of us were sure that they would start rising to the dries at any time.

Next, a picture of the daughter. While she didn't catch anything, she did a bang-up job of casting for her first time up. Just hope she takes the opportunity for more practice later.

Had a great time out with the kids, had significant success with nymphs (just took committing to them for the day). Couldn't have asked for a better day.