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    When to go try out my first flies that I have tied at tremont yeststerday and smoked um. I caught some where in the teens of rainbows. I fished my size 16 sulphur parachute pattern as my dry fly and droped my size 20 zebra midge variation about a foot below. Most of my fish came on the midge I think mostly b/c the fish where looking for a smaller dry, but I did catch a few on the sulphur pattern as it started to get dark. I tied a 8 last night on a size 18 hook and I'll give it a try thursday. I took some pictures of a few fish and posted them on my website at they will be the ones labled tremont rainbow. On a few of the pictures you can see my midge in the top of the mouth.
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    Glad you had a good time and nice talking to you out on the water. Its always awesome to catch fish on flies you just tied up...
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    Congrates. glad you caught some fish on your flies. The first fly I tyed was a Male Adam. I caught some fish with it at Elkmont. I can still remember it like it was yesturday. I was 14 when this milestone occured. That was a long time back. These are memories to hold on to. Again great job and keep on tying and fly fishing...

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