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    Default night time browns

    i was at the caney wed and the action on zebra midges was very slow only one fish on black and none on black with copper.... the fly shop was closed so i went with those colors.... had the girlfriends son with me and night crawlers for him he got bored so switched to the spinning rod and crawlers.... caught several quality fish 14-16 and one close to 18- 20 i was wondering how the low light fishing would be for theses larger browns either on a fly or on live bait..... also any suggestions on catching larger fish on my flyrod would be helpful... im strictly catch and release for trout ... should i try some wooly buggers or larger streamers for the bigger trout ... tight lines to all

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    If you go to my "07/07/08 Caney Fork- Trip of Firsts" thread a couple posts down, ALL of those fish except for my 14" brown were caught on nightcrawlers. There is a lot of potential to catch monster browns on nightcrawlers or shad, though I have never actually fished the river at night, just under the dam. The river can be pretty treacherous, even more so at night when you can hardly see. I also don't know how to catch fish on the fly, so I'm also needing knowledge.

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