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    I will be fishing the Davidson River in NC next weekend for the first time. Can any one give me some suggestions on streams to fish, flies to use, tippets, etc... Also what streams are "fly fish only" and what streams can you use spinning rods? Is it single hook and artificial lures only?



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    If it was me I would try to stay away from the davidson unless they get some rain this coming week there. It is very low now and I imagine the water is getting fairly warm too. A small part of the stream is hatchery supported but I doubt they are stocking it since the stream being so low. The rest of the stream as far as I know is FF only.
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    From Avery Creek upstream flyfishing only catch and release. I have not been up since mid May water was a little low then. I hear it is really low now.

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    I agree with the previous posts. I haven't been to the D in about 3 weeks, but the last time I was there in June the water was terribly low. Like the water level the fishing wasn't very good. If you are adamant about fishing it I would use ants, green weenies and small nymphs size 18-20 on size 6x flouro tippet. I wouldn't waste any time fishing slow smooth water if it is low. Focus in the faster more turbulent water where you can get closer to the fish w/out spooking them. I would also suggest stopping by Davidson River Outfitters as they may be able to point you in the direction of better water of the Davidson is still really low when you get there. I would also fish it as early in the morning as possible right now with the warm water. If conditions improve you could have some really good fishing there, but temper your expectations if the water doesn't improve. I fish it quite a bit so feel free to email me if you have any other questions.


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