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Thread: LP in Greenbriar?

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    Question LP in Greenbriar?

    Has anyone fished this area recently?
    I never make it out that way much, but I have a customer out 321 and when I passed over the river I felt like an idiot for not fishing there before.
    Any info would help.

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    i was out in greenbrier today....huge vinyl hatch....road work going to ramsey....dusty and dry....fished for a few at the first 20 mph sign past ranger station then was invaded by more vinyl hatchers....
    fyi, there is a small trail by the first 20 mph sign past the ranger station that goes to an old cemetery across the creek, and, if you bear to the left before crossing the creek, to a complete standing chimney with rusted out wash tubs.
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    Hello flyfishjeep,

    I last fished Greenbriar during the 4th of July, water levels were decent, but they should have improved with all the rainfall last week in the Mt. LeCoute area. Greenbriar is like many Smokies streams, the farther you head upstream the better the fishing gets, especially in summer time. This time of year the best fishing is above the bridge at the beginning of the trail leading to Ramsey Cascades. Not far above the foot bridge you will enter "The Gorge" section of Greenbriar. Beautiful section of the stream, and the fishing can be good as well. Be prepared to fish for around 6 hours until your out of the Gorge, you can leave the stream before you get out of this section, but it can be a serious climb thru rough terrain and thick rhodies.

    Hope this helps,


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    We fished it over the 4th as well - it was only the second time I had been back there, and we only fished for a few hours, but I was impressed. We fished around the bridge before you get to the trailhead, and we all did pretty well. I would like to explore further upstream, but it's tough with the girls in tow - it will probably have to wait until I'm up there by myself.

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    I really like Porter Creek in that area. Hang a right at the fork in the road that goes to ramsey. Porter is up that road a little bit. It's just a pretty little classic Smokey Mtn. stream. I always catch a few 'bows up there.


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    I agree. Porters Creek is one of my favorites. It may be because I lived in Greenbriar Ranger Station for a summer and I could get there in 2 minutes. Stinkin gas prices. Youre right though, it is the definition of a smoky mountain rainbow trout stream.

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