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Thread: Do Clousers perform?

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    Flat Fly n,
    If you dont mind, what size is that clouser? Thanks.
    Mark <::><
    Mark <::::><

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    Default Cheek piercing

    That is actually "The Seagull".. The guy is tough as nails! All he ever said once was "OHHH', and then "wait, I gotta have a picture".. It was his fly, but somehow I think we got our lines tangled in the wind with the above results. It's a 2/0 stainless. Seagull should have kept it in. He would have fit right in with all the kids at the malls!

    We were in SC and in some chop secondary to wind. We happened to have some Lidocaine, and a TB syringe. I betadined the area, numbed it up, drove the barb through, cut it and backed out the hook. I was afraid to try the string trick since it was around a great big facial nerve in that area. We continued to fish and had a great day.
    I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.

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    Accupuncture with a clouser, what a day! Uncle Fuzzy was in the boat with us, he thought we were crazy when we started pulling out vials and syringes. Dr Flat did a fine job on minor " in the boat" surgery. A good reminder to always wear glasses when fishing, get some clear ones to use at dusk and after dark.

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