friday-headed for the econolodge in townsend--its about 3 hours--drove it in 2hrs 59 minutes-checked in --got my stuff rounded up and headed for the park--took a left at tremont--water was low--where the blacktop ends the gravel starts-- about a hundred feet from the blacktop--on the gravel--- a bear runs across in front of my truck--it was pretty close---i go on --2 girls are walking down the road --they have new backpacks on--they look very orvis--i stop and say"girls a bear crossed the road,in front of me,about 200 ft from here,you might want to walk carefully through that part of the road---the girls both smile and asks if it was a big one as they clap their hands and jump like cheerleaders--so much for warnings-----i fished tremont a little bit--cannot beleive how low the water is---caught 7 small rainbows--on a ant--this drought-low water-dead trout--pristine puddle thing is beginning to bother me--hope there's rain coming-these streams,low or full,are what sustains me through the stress of the reality of being in business for myself--ordered some flies from Hugh H. today--always good to talk to Hugh---