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Thread: Deep Creek Brown

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    what a pig!

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    One of the nicest park fish I have seen. Never fished Deep Creek but I have read a few reports this year and has my interest. I have fish Hazel a few time. How does Deep Creek compare to Hazel? Do you prefer fishing Deep Creek head waters?

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    Mac, I actually haven't fished Hazel so can't make a comparison between the two. Hopefully someone who has will chime in about that. As far as what section of Deep Creek I prefer, I honestly enjoy the whole stream. There is a lot of good water in the middle sections that are about an equal distance from either trailhead. The main thing about coming down from above is the crazy hike back out. There are plenty of good fish in the lower and middle sections and as you get higher there are lots of fish but mainly smaller ones. One of the biggest reasons I like Deep Creek so well is that there are lots of brown trout in that watershed. I catch far more browns over there than I do here on Little River...
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    I think it's real difficult to say you prefer one over the other.

    Deep Creek is easier to get to. You can catch specs near the headwater, so a slam is possible. But it has only one feeder stream worth mentioning - the Left Fork -and there is no trail except the stream itself.

    Hazel Creek is more difficult to get to. But it offers multiple feeder streams - Sugar Fork, Bone Valley, Walker Prong. Specs also can be caught up above the Cascades.

    Mac - If you've fished Hazel but not Deep Creek, I'd branch out and try something new. You can't really go wrong.

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    Default Brown to remember

    Congratulations on that fish! Soft Hackles always a good bet this time of year. Fitting end to what must have been a great summer. What year are you in college anyway? Hope you all do even better this year than last in Colorado.......... though from the pictures I remember seeing that is a tall order!

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