i've fished bamboo for a while--and have become very opinionated about buying bamboo rods--my nephew wants a bamboo rod--he's been looking on ebay--i don't much like heddon's--most feel clubby to me--they sell pretty cheap on e bay --that's why everyone goes after a heddon--i would look for an orvis--they are there also--but if i did that i would go ahead and get a new one---east tennessee,north carolina,and virginia have rodmakers who willbuild you a heirloom custom rod perfect for th smokies ar anywhere you want to fish--these rods are quality rods that make are many cuts above the old heddon,orvis,ebay rod for not that much more money.I hacve rods built by stan smart,walter babb,charley down(he's in ashville nc now)--my babb ros has 2 tips one for drys and one for nymphs it is a 7 1/2 ft 5wt.It is simply the best--my Charley D. rod is a 7wt-"cumberland river special" inscribed to me--it is a beautiful rod to look at and casts like a cannon--i don't know what kind of bamboo rod my nephew will end up with--walter babb makes a 4wt perfectionist taper 7ft rod that is perfect for the smokies i know because i have one, it is a casting classic.Charley D. wants to build me a 3wt--he has never much on 3wt bamboos--until he found this taper--it will be part of a set of rods he will call the smokey mtn set--