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    Left work about 11 am Friday and headed to Oconaluftee after hearing many good reports about it. Got there about 1 and the water was good a little color but not much fish were very spoky I saw many too late. Fishing was slow they did not show any interest in dry flies and after trying a verty of paterns I broke out my only green weiny. Man drifting that thing though the deeper pools got great action. I caught a couple nice 10 to 12 in bows and some smaller ones. Finally lost my GW. Oh well it was fun while it lasted I am going to tie a bunch up. I then headed up the the chimneys at about 6 pm they started nailing my yellow elk hair caddis. I love fishing up there in the crystal clear water watching them come after the fly and fighting them. Had couple 8 inches long I meshured them. The nicer bows were at the back of pools in clear smooth water I would hide behind rocks and let the elk hair caddis drift slowly to the back of the pool, worked great. Friday was a rocking day ended the day with about 2 dozen fish.

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    What it great day! Can't beat the WPLP especially this time of year. The water level stays good and the temps are nice. Congrats.
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